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Selected Families and Individuals

Robert Cornett [Parents] was born in 1833. He married Maryann Strong?.

Maryann Strong?.Maryann married Robert Cornett.

David Benge

Nancy Ellen Lincks

They had the following children:

  F i Sally Ann Benge

James W. Caudill.James married Martha Cornett.

Martha Cornett [Parents] was born in 1865. She married James W. Caudill.

John D. Fouts.John married Kitty Cornett.

Kitty Cornett [Parents] was born on 5 May 1867. She died on 12 Jul 1960. She married John D. Fouts.

Edward Benge [Parents] was born on 14 Mar 1875. He married Nancy Cornett on 20 Jul 1898.

Nancy Cornett [Parents] was born on 23 Oct 1869. She died on 27 Apr 1944. She married Edward Benge on 20 Jul 1898.

They had the following children:

  M i Shafter Benge was born on 26 Apr 1899. He died on 22 Mar 1944.
  M ii Brown Benge
  F iii Maxie Benge
  F iv Georgie Benge
  F v Roxie Ann Benge

John Spivey

Belle Cornett [Parents].Belle married John Spivey.

Marshall Cornett [Parents] was born on 1 May 1874. He died on 28 Nov 1958. He married Lucinda Brown.

Lucinda Brown.Lucinda married Marshall Cornett.

Lige Nicholson.Lige married Christie Cornett.

Christie Cornett [Parents] was born on 6 May 1876. She married Lige Nicholson.

Frank Cornett [Parents] was born on 21 Sep 1878. He married Helen Brigman.

Helen Brigman.Helen married Frank Cornett.

Louisa Cornett [Parents] was born on 14 May 1863 in Burning Springs, Kentucky Clay County. She died on 2 Oct 1953 in Irvine,Kentucky Estill County Rough Creek Cemetery. She married Jordan Dameshanes(Jurds) Yaden on 2 Apr 1885 in Kentucky.

Jordan Dameshanes(Jurds) Yaden.Jordan married Louisa Cornett on 2 Apr 1885 in Kentucky.

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